Ed Slott's Retirement Decisions Guide

Ed Slott's Retirement Decisions Guide

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Ed Slott is back with an UPDATED 49-page resource guide that provides the key points to save and stretch your wealth.

We all make retirement decisions, though some make them more quickly, more efficiently, more wisely than others. A safe and secure retirement begins with the foundational knowledge you can use to choose the best financial advisor, ask the right questions and take a proactive role in your retirement planning. It is important to work with a financial advisor who is aware of the latest IRA distribution tax rules. Because, let's face it, if our current economic situation has taught us anything, choosing an educated financial advisor is paramount to keeping your retirement savings safe and secure. I hope you find my compact Retirement Decisions Guide educational and useful.

Highlights Include:
1. IRA Basics -- Determining the right IRA for you, how to boost IRA savings
2. Making Plans -- Savings secrets for wealthy retirees, setting achievable goals
3. Minimizing Risk -- Protecting your IRA, using life insurance and annuities
4. In Retirement -- Questions to ask before retirement, scams most retirees miss
5. IRA Strategies -- How to give a grandchild $2.3 million

Also includes 10 Questions You Must Ask Your Financial Advisor!

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